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[HOWTO] install AJAXplorer File Manager

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[HOWTO] install AJAXplorer File Manager

Postby raulfg3 » 05 Jul 2012 09:39

Copied from old forum by leonsio » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:38 pm


i have created a little modification on freenas, so that i can now work with Ajaxloader (see: http://www.ajaxplorer.info/)
you can download the addon here:
http://www.home-nas.de/downloads/ajaxplorer.tgz (Ajaxplorer v3.0.2)

HowTo (full Version):
1. change in the WWW-folder

Code: Select all
cd /usr/local/www/

2. Download the Package

Code: Select all
fetch http://www.home-nas.de/downloads/ajaxplorer.tgz

3. Unpack the Package

Code: Select all
tar xzfv ajaxplorer.tgz

4. Modify the webfm Start Script
search for this line:

Code: Select all

and replace it with:

Code: Select all
5. Done

Now run the webfm Script to create the UserDatabase

Code: Select all

Known Limitations:
1. You have only one repository for all users "/mnt/"
2. Picture Preview will not work (you must install php5-gd ports and some libs first)
3. Administration of Ajaxplorer is disabled

Updates to new Versions
You can use this script with any version of freenas, on future updates just edit the /etc/rc.d/webfm file

You can update to any new Version of Ajaxplorer
1. Backup this directory:

Code: Select all

2. Install new version, just unpack the Package to /usr/local/www into the ajaxplorer folder
3. Replace the "conf" and "users" directory with the backup
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Re: [HOWTO] install AJAXplorer File Manager

Postby unvoiced » 16 Oct 2012 02:42

Your guide is great, I've extracted the files, however I'm stuck at editing the Webfm settings. I can't find the config, it appears it needs to be installed first. I've checked the webfm instructions and can't seem to find out how to install it.

Any help you can offer on getting Webfm working so I can use AJAXplorer would be awesome.

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Re: [HOWTO] install AJAXplorer File Manager

Postby raulfg3 » 16 Oct 2012 07:05

Sorry, I only copy an old post to help Nas4Free not lose valuable info, but I don't have installed ajaxplorer.

I locate webfm on FreeNAS 8 site, perhaps helps you: http://support.freenas.org/browser/free ... m?rev=9375

Original develop of this code is Volker Theile votdev@gmx.de please try to contact , perhaps can help you and revise this post to correct missing/wrong info.
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