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The Hammer

Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby The Hammer » 09 Sep 2012 22:00

Let me start by saying that I actually develop Extensions for NAS4Free, and made one for FreeNAS before everything was moved over. I try my best to help when I can with what I've got experience with. That's why I share what I do, and contribute to this excellent software by adding the features I've created for myself in a polished way for everyone else. I do not believe it's my right to use software without contributing back in some way.. even if it's only spreading the name. It's a privilege that this exists and allows development the way it does so that it's overhead is so small and this stays NAS4>Free<.

kernow wrote:Image

LOL! Made my day, although I think you were being quite a d*k for no real reason after this. There's a reason this software is made so easy to use. It's so that people with little to no idea about what's seriously going on behind the scenes are able to use, spread it's name, and maybe learn a little development on the side.. please take it a little easier, and actually answer questions when you include stuff like that. Even if it's a short yes, or no. I totally get what you mean. Just saying.

ttocsic wrote:Yes you can, picard boy. You can make an attempt to read more carefully in the future.

1) My initial question asked whether there were linux builds. Obviously I'm well aware that nas4free is x86 only.
2) 256mb is more than sufficient to get the system up and running. A setup with a solid state drive to hold the swap file should realize some very decent performance. I'm currently running a system via a USB external drive. So far the only downfall is that the power daemon does not support USB connected drives. There has been no issue with transfer speed that isn't attributed to my network setup (but I'm working to optimize that).
3) Since the RPi allows you to boot from a flashcard then switch to a USB drive (i.e. solid state) there's no reason why a full install of N4F with a solid state swap would have issues, that is, only if there is a ARM compatible build.
4) freeBSD is currently developing an ARM port for the OS. Since freeBSD supports ZFS its reasonable to assume it will remain part of that port. There currently isn't enough information on the project site about which features will and will not be included.
5) As i said, my question asked if there were other builds of this project. Nowhere does it state that this project is and always will be x86 only.

It is quite obvious that you cannot be bothered, which is the perfect reason for you to keep your mouth shut in the first place. The real reason this forum (and the previous version which didn't have much more to offer) are slow and unhelpful is because the people who "contribute" are slow and unhelpful. A forum is a community for sharing ideas and offering advice. If you don't have anything constructive to offer, keep your hands off the keyboard and let someone else answer.

Please stop trying to make something work that wasn't intended to ever be used as such. The Pi was meant mainly as a client user machine, and really doesn't have what it takes to operate as a legit NAS for many reasons. HDMI alone should be a convincing enough idea towards it being a client machine, not to mention having all these things connected to a board with limited CPU like it has just makes things so much harder. I feel bad enough with the performance I've got running my NAS4Free system on a Pentium 3 era Celeron Laptop with a USB Thumbdrive for boot.. My desktop computer without it's Graphics card booting from a thumb drive only consumes 90 Watts with an i7 2600k, so electrical consumption is a moot point when it comes down to the board itself. In a NAS most of the electrical goes towards the HDDs in most situations anyway IMO. So getting away with a 3-10 Watt system is like impossible. There are plenty of ATOM boards that are roughly the same price as the Pi as well, which are a far better alternative.

ttocsic wrote:I wouldn't have asked the question unless I had already done some research. Aside from the ghost-town of a forum (this one and the archive) and a very incomplete user guide, there isn't a whole lot to find. I know that freeBSD has a ARM porting project but I don't really want to start from scratch and build features that are already implemented in nas4free.
Why don't you show me how smart you are, picard boy.


Memnoch31 wrote:Kernow:
Wow, is this the way to make and keep users? I admin an aquarium forum and dead serious, I would have sent you a warning for BS like that. Be constructive or helpful, or leave it alone.

In looking at Nas4Free as an option for my home needs, I've read a few of your posts in specific on this forum... if this is the support I can expect (or at the very least the TREATMENT I can expect) as I learn a new system, well I guess it won't be with Nas4Free.

I Registered for this post only. THAT'S how upset I am.

A) Aquariums? Did you seriously compare a forum on software development to a forum on aquariums? Wut? 0.o

B) If you're truly an admin then you understand how to quote, correct? I think you're a liar, and the kind of person who's just looking to prove a point the only way that's honestly arguable. If that's your attitude then I'm sure you're retail's best example for training on what their employees have to cope with. There is no reason at all to neglect excellent, capable software because of a silly bias you got from a single user on a forum filled with other people. I'm sure that if this is the way you're going to act you would just wind up being a headache for someone else on this forum anyway..

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby ygryk » 03 Nov 2012 06:16

Hi guys,

You need to be not so serious. Just smile of the picture and understand that you may ask a stupid questions but try to understand why.

The Hammer:
you need to understand that in this world there are a great number of home users and geeks. This users don't understand CPU architectures, ZFS or EXT or whatever systems, Linux and BSD cores and etc. But this peoples have a couple of ideas to organize something at home.
So lets analyze what they trying to do:
1. GOOOOOOOGLE - of course :) and the user will finally found a cheap board 35 USD piece of hardware(which is sooo small and looks so great) with USB port, and a couple of NAS software.
2. Hmm... could I do it myself? ... looks like. Why not? There are Web interface which is easy, the site says it support my Apple devices, Windows and TV. But I couldn't find info about particular software installation instructions. What a shame :(
3. But I see that this NAS software based on FreeBSD, and google tells me that someone install FreeBSD on this hardware...
4. Finally user ask the question on the forum like the one we discuss now.

So what I am trying to say, that most of the peoples doesn't care about technical details. They see USB support and that's enough! Who cares about tech requirements of ZFS and BSD core?

All in all, FreeBSD could be installed on Raspberry Pi! And it could be a NAS! And I'am pretty sure that for some cases it will be good solution for home (Network Backup device, small FTP server, and etc.). But I agree with you, that there is no reason to port solutions like NAS4Free to this platform. And I don't agree with developers that this solution works only on x86_64 platforms.

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby Gruelius » 14 Nov 2012 12:10

kernow wrote:Image

ttocsic wrote:What the hell kind of response is that?
You went through the trouble to find some stupid photo of picard that you thought was clever but couldn't trouble your self the effort to utilize the english language?
Why don't you try explaining your frustration with my question.
In fact, it might be a pretty novel idea for any question on this forum to actually be addressed and answered.

on behalf of internet trolls everywhere i would like to say it was done because a picture says 1000 words

The Raspberry PI is quite cool though

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby NeilP » 05 Jan 2013 13:52

kernow wrote:
Oh thank you, someone who realises the thread creator didn't make any sense.

So maybe explaining that easily to him would have been a better way. I have been using FreeNAS and now NAS4Free for ..a long time. must be since about 2005 or 06 something like that. I am still a total newbie user...find some hardware, set it up and use it as a tool for storing my data...not as a learning tool or a development tool. I want it for 'What is says on the tin' a free NAS box.

I am one of the users that The Hammer is referring to when he posted:

The Hammer wrote: There's a reason this software is made so easy to use. It's so that people with little to no idea about what's seriously going on behind the scenes are able to use, spread it's name, and maybe learn a little development on the side.. please take it a little easier, and actually answer questions when you include stuff like that. Even if it's a short yes, or no. I totally get what you mean.

Now going back to the length of time I have been a member of the original forum and the questions I have posted.. most of them probably as stupid as people here seem to think the OP's post was. I came here to asked exactly the same question; can NAS4Free be used on it.
I had seen it used ARM...but so what .what the F is ARM. I seem to recall it being part of small mobile computing..phones? ..but I am not a developer or programmer,. So even after knowing it ran on/with/within ..whatever with ARM and I had read the wiki on it and seen references to FreeBSD. I woudl still ahve azsked the same question. We do not all know or want or need to or have time to know about the underlying system. We are the users that The Hammer referred, able to Spread its name and use and that is all.
I too was under the impression that NAS4 Free was somehow based on FreeBSD, so to me it also seemed logical it would run.

This does seem to be the problem with computer techs/developers/ tech members of software/hardware forums etc..no people skills..and generally down-right rude and unable to be helpful to people that have a problem and quite often do not even know exactly how to phrase the question..let alone search for an answer and find anything meaningful from the results.
I have seen the reply so many times ..read the FAQ or read the MAN page..if you are not techy and do not understand the syntax..then a MAN page is a useful as a slap in the face. I am not an admin, on any forums, but do a lot of posting on electric bike forums (endless sphere...same username as here) and many people constantly answer the same posts again and again, to newbies..it is called politeness ..helpfulness..something I have not often ever experienced on ANY PC tech type forum..so I am not singling this one out in any way

The Hammer wrote:
A) Aquariums? Did you seriously compare a forum on software development to a forum on aquariums? Wut? 0.o

Yes he was and why should there be a difference in the politeness and respect given to other people what ever the forum. He was not comparing subject matter of the forum he was talking about how people are responded too. it makes no difference what the forum was about, he was referring to behavior and common decency, which does seem to be lacking on many dev type forums when responding to people who have little or no idea, and do not want more than a general idea. Most people do not know how a car engine /transmission or gear box work, but that does not mean they should not be allowed to use them. Same in computers, just because you do not know and do not want to know how it works is no longer a bar to using them. That idea went out with the Windows and the first GUI interface..unfortunately many devs still seem to be stuck with the attitude that if you cant use a CLI and understand machine code and architectures then you are not a fit person to use their software.

I had recent responses from a Site Admin here on this site al562 probably one of the few thoughtful responses I have ever had from this forum and the old forum in all the time I have been a member. I am not saying I have nto received help in the past, just that this guy seems to be one of the first who is actually prepared to help a non techy 'newbie' and go out of his way to do so.
So big public thanks to Al562

I am not in anyway denigrating the development work these devs do, just that they should learn to lighten up and help the ones that do not want to learn, they just want to use the software..after all that is what it is for, is it not? Or am I missing the point of developing stuff like FreeNAS and NAS4Free ...maybe it is not for actual use of the general public, it is only produced as a learning tool for developers. On other forums..Like the previously mentioned Aquarium forum on the e-bike community forums newbies get help and guidance..if only that were true on these sorts of forums

Now bracing myself for a load of slagging off and vitriol that I know exists and I am sure to receive for daring to point this out

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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby lindsay » 05 Jan 2013 16:57

If you try to find something wich do not consume so much power look for another solution.
Try openmediavault wich can run it, but do not expect miracles when it comes to performance
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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby al562 » 05 Jan 2013 21:06

Hello Everyone,

I am not deleting this topic only because it contains some useful information about the Raspberry Pi and similar hardware.

Yes, some people can be caustic, maybe downright mean, even so they can sometimes still make valuable contributions and comments. Since this topic started long ago I will take no actions today, but I will be keeping my eye on certain members and if you have to wonder if you are one them then be more circumspect in your posts.
I am not here to take the fun away, I love a good joke, double entendre, or satire but will only tolerate so much :!: .

NeilP wrote:Now bracing myself for a load of slagging off and vitriol that I know exists and I am sure to receive for daring to point this out
Nope, not happening here. I am locking this topic and am sorry I did not see it sooner. If anyone wants to further discuss the Raspberry Pi I recommend starting a new topic. If anyone wants to further discuss the poor behavior exhibited here please do so in PM's.

Thank you all,
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Re: Raspberry Pi

Postby zoon01 » 12 Jun 2013 03:43

Daisuke did have worked to get NAS4Free working on/with this hardware.
I did ask him about the project as it did get a bit quit on this.

>How it goes with raspberry project?
It was stopped.
FreeBSD arm kernel is not stable and clang on arm is buggy.

This will be for now end of story.

Development is this area has been stopped for now
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